Greatest Impact is Upstream​

To have the greatest impact on future generations, Adventure4Change is committed – whenever possible – to a preventative or upstream approach to development. This requires looking beyond the symptoms or presenting issues, and seeking to establish early engagement long before the costly and sometimes insolvable problems come into existence.

Child and Family

Healthy childhood development takes place across a range of contexts and experiences: at school, at home and at play in the community.  It is imperative that we assume a holistic approach to supporting our youngest ones by engaging with their entire world. 

Waterloo Youth Initiatives

Adventure4Change believes that one of the wisest places to invest big solution energy is in the lives of youth. Our goal – realized in the context of formal programming and informal friendship – seeks to instill in young people positive self – esteem, an understanding of the value of their own lives and the lives of others, leadership skills and a capacity to make change in their own world. 

Our long summer season is a wonderful time to both build and celebrate community. We involve more staff and volunteers. Over the two summer months our activities include; family and community events and outings, time spent in homes and relating to parents, recreation and sports clinics, leader training initiatives, and a  series of week-long learning programs. Throughout the summer we emphasize a series of diverse and developmental activities including: physical fitness, sports, music, crafts, science and math, cultural appreciation and self-worth. Our programming is largely defined and inspired by the particular desires and wishes of the community members, young and old.

A highlight of our summer activity for children is interacting with many youth who participate in leader training and then accept roles of responsibility.  For our youth, the anticipation of the summer is in being trusted with roles of responsibility, and then being coached towards excellence.

Summer Experience

A World of Change

Our youth, who grow in our programs are joined by others from local universities and communities. All participants become aware of their capacity for building a vital life and contributing to the well-being of others. In time they set- off to live-out their vision and we say ; “If you have dream to change the world and you feel we can help, let’s talk.” Currently we mentor those working in Zambia, Winnipeg, Halifax, Ecuador and Ghana.

Join the change movement?

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future

J.R.R. Tolkien