About Adventure4Change

Located at the intersection of Bearinger Road and Albert Street in Waterloo, Adventure4Change is a vibrant hub where kids, youth, and moms can come to build skills and make connections in a safe, supportive, space.

Adventure4Change’s goal is to prevent poverty and negative life trajectories by inspiring self-discovery using the A4C model to enable communities to make meaningful contributions to society.

We do this by engaging the most vulnerable in the City of Waterloo. Over the years, we have successfully created an environment where children, youth, families, and future leaders can build adequate skills, connections, and relationships. We are here to support people as they identify their values, and encourage them to contribute based on this.

A4C is committed to a community-rooted and led, prevention-oriented approach to development. This approach understands that our role involves coaching, resourcing, and guiding participants to enable them to develop deeper self-agency, resilience, hope, and confidence.

Our community appreciates that when they are at the ‘The A4C Neighbourhood Hub‘’, they matter, and what they do matters. This has led to A4C being a safe place for families to be comfortable being themselves and have a sense of belonging.

The A4C Model

The A4C transformation model runs on six pillars that guide our decision on engaging the community and designing programs. These pillars are:

  • Creating experiences
  • Providing opportunities
  • Enabling contribution
  • Fostering peer culture
  • Creating safe spaces
  • Projecting mentorship

This model has proven to be the key to our community gaining traction and accelerating into their futures.

A4C Focus Participant Areas

  1. Children
  2. Youth
  3. Families
  4. Life-Long Change-Makers

Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Pathway to Our Sustainable Future!

At Adventure4Change, growth is an intentional and continuous choice with sustainability as the end goal.

Adventure4Change… inspiring lives of vitality, contribution, and significance.