Our Partners & Sponsors

The strong relationships that we have been able to develop bring deep value to our every effort. It is an honour to be able to work beside so many talented and devoted people.

Our stakeholders are individuals who engage with A4C through our programs, events, and volunteer opportunities. This includes participants, leaders, volunteers, community partners, and local organizations who support a preventative and community led approach to the well-being of the communities. We will help improve the lives of those who engage with A4C by developing individual leadership potential so that their worlds can be changed. We will do this through practical involvement, enabling relationships, inspiring mentoring, and involving in challenging experiences and with inspiring people.

These activities will only be successful through the support of our key partners. These partners and suppliers support programs, activities, and opportunities for our children, youth, families, and community. Partners offer programs, activities, and support through funding and resources. Suppliers provide resources or facilitate programs on behalf of A4C.