Soccer Dreams

Published: August 19, 2019

Last summer, there was a need expressed by community members for children to have the opportunity to join a soccer league. Recreational sports can prove inaccessible because of high high costs and limited transportation to practices and games. Inspired by his own experience playing youth sports, Sunnydale neighbour Josh Brown took matters into his own hands. With the help of other integral community leaders, Josh connected with Waterloo Minor Soccer Club who generously donated balls, nets, medals, time and insight. Without their support, this dream would not be possible. The league was kicked off with a community soccer tournament, sponsored by Creekside Church coupled with support from WMSC which resulted in a turnout of 80 children and 30 volunteers!

Our soccer league is a space where children stay connected to old friends and connect with new ones in the summer months. It provides kids with something to look forward to as we see many children already wearing their jersey on Wednesday mornings in excited anticipation for soccer that evening. The opportunity to experience a soccer league atmosphere is like nothing else. Ahmed, who was previously focused on basketball, stated that this soccer league made him realize how much he LOVES soccer. He expressed how grateful he was for the Sunnydale Soccer League because it made him want to develop in both basketball AND soccer now.

The chance for kids to be physically active, enjoy the company of their friends and learn from their leader’s guidance has immeasurable benefits on children’s self esteem and overall health and wellness!