Lexi’s Development as a Leader

Published: August 2, 2019

Lexi and her family moved to the Sunnydale community 2 years ago. Her mother has become an instrumental part of the community and has been an amazing role model to Lexi. Like any other family, there have been trials and tribulations which come with life. Lexi has experienced some challenging moments and rather than feeling defeated by them, she chooses to push herself to discover her potential. When we met Lexi, she was hesitant to join our Youth Connect program. With gentle encouragement and openness to her story and voice, Lexi has found a place where she sees the value that she brings.

Lexi was brought by her mom to the Tollgate Block Party to raise money for Adventure4Change efforts, and to help hand out food. However, her role quickly developed into an ambassador of Adventure4Change, confidently chatting with new people and families. Not only did Lexi outline all of our programs and opportunities to get involved, but she was open about her own story and why she believes Adventure4Change is important. She expressed feeling great achievement in being able to talk to so many people, handing out at least 30 brochures!

Lexi has attended each day of our leadership development intensive program which she said contributed to her increase in confidence. She attended our “Leaders Camp Day” this past Saturday to celebrate the participants’ growth and will be volunteering as a camp leader with us this summer. We see so much potential in Lexi and we are thrilled she feels the same way. We are incredibly grateful to have ambitious and resilient youth like Lexi in our community.

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