In Need of a Little Sunshine

Published: February 20, 2020

How the day started really wasn’t how it culminated. For one, the sky was grey, environment windy and temperature shockingly freezing. By the end, the sky’s pale complexion had faded, the temperature became more habitable and sunshine filled the location, elevating the spirits of the participants.

Our friends threw the now 10th annual Bring on the Sunshine event. An estimated 5,000 people visited the Kitchener Rotunda Gallery. Our families, particularly those from Africa, had an absolutely smashing time. So fabulous in fact, that they refused to board the bus destined for home and later found themselves back on the floor dancing rhythmically to the East-African Drums.

The entire A4C family loves nothing more than seeing each other celebrate.  This is evidently heightened when they are celebrating their culture, language and history. Personally, I have never been separated from my family or country of origin but sadly, many of our families have experienced a traumatic life implosion. Therefore, it was with delight that we watched them dance, scream at the fashion show and laugh at the simplest of things.

A4C exists to help people discover opportunity, hope and community. These ultimately bring a deep sense of belonging and value. On Sunday, this was quite apparent.

Many thanks to our Bring on the Sunshine friends.


Contributor: Jeremy Horne

Content Manager: Tarique Plummer