A4C’s Annual Move4Hope

Published: September 8, 2023

Come join us on October 21, 2023 for our 4th annual Move4Hope!

At Adventure4Change (A4C), we are passionate about preventing poverty and negative life trajectories for children, youth and families. We do this by inspiring self discovery that enables meaningful contributions. 

The families we serve often need support to navigate systems within the new environments they find themselves in. Institutionalized racism, discrimination, language and information technology barriers limit their access to available resources. 

A4C bridges this gap by acting as a platform for new experiences and opportunities, fostering positive peer culture, creating safe spaces, and projecting mentorship. 

With the funds raised from the 2022 edition of Move4Hope, A4C was able to implement Youth Initiatives like Young Queens, Mentorship, Connect, Recreation, and educational trips.

This year, the funds raised will be put towards:

  1. Maintaining our newly established Girls Basketball program 
  2. Adding a new program (Young Princesses) for the younger girls (Gr 5 & 6) who cannot be a part of the existing Young Queens (Gr 7 to 12); a safe space and activity for racialized girls.
  3. The Connect program
  4. The Youth Accelerated Program and other Youth Initiatives; as the needs arise. 

Move4Hope funds have become a source of certainty that we will be able to keep these programs running in each new year. This assurance gives youth and families hope that they can continue to engage in healthy relationships, while sharpening and learning new skills during these initiatives. When graduates of A4C programs share, it is often exciting to hear about the impact that the relationships built during their time at A4C programs  has had on their now realized dreams. Achieving these different dreams will produce youths that are self-sustaining and are contributing members of society.  

In 2023, As we Move4Hope, we ask you to join us to walk, run or bike for that youth who is HOPEFUL for a better future. Here is how you can do that today. Register as a Team Captain or an individual below and start recruiting donors and supporters to Move4Hope with you. There are at least 250 youth looking forward to what we can do TOGETHER today! 

Together, we can MOVE4HOPE 2023, let’s do it!