A World of Change

Change starts here, change starts now.

We envision a world that is more compassionate, more equitable and more just. We do not believe that there is a better place for this vision to be empowered than right here in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: 3 world-class education institutions, a world leader in innovation and entrepreneurship and an enduring history of deep ethics and values… social activism and community building

Some people grow up in our context, others join us for a term, a year or longer. We provide each person with an opportunity to discover and learn about the essentials of what brings about real change. This learning is experienced primarily within the context of doing and applying. And then people go… they leave us to head off into all sorts of different places, and there they begin to repeat the pattern and invest in what brings about change. Sometimes this is restricted to their neighbourhood or work place, in other cases people invest in building whole contexts intended on promoting radical transformation. To each of these people we say: “If you have a dream for change, and you think we can assist you, let us know.”

Here we profile two of these change contexts: one in the north of Ecuador, the other Ghana, and West Africa. For us it’s never about who gets the credit, but always about empowering people to achieve the change that they desire to see.

If you would like assistance to make the change you desire to see, or you would like to know more about these initiatives please contact us.

I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it’s my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.

Helen Keller

Future of Africa

Ending Child Poverty

While studying in Waterloo at Wilfrid Laurier University, TK was captured by a vision for how he might contribute to his home country of Ghana. Today TK and his wife, Nikki can be found on the streets of Accra embracing children in street situations, or in the village constructing a new school, and at the Ashesi University, inspiring a generation of emerging leaders .

Onzole River Project

Love on the River

Hanging onto one of the very lowest rungs of the social ladder in Ecuador are the people who live along  the Onzole River in the province of Esmeraldas. We have partnered with others to assist them in dealing with the hurdles, and in beginning to make the long journey towards a more hopeful future.

Progress happens when smart, dedicated people translate good intentions into concrete realities.

Sue Desmond-Hellman