Child and Family

This is a community-based undertaking offering quality programs for children, parents and families in the North Waterloo area. We implement this proven evidence-based approach that actively engages community members, volunteers, and local schools to assist children to flourish as they begin their academic career and to help grow healthy, vibrant neighborhoods for everyone.

BB  was first launched in 1991 and currently operates in a number of cities across Ontario.  Our experience supports the findings of research: investing in our young children and their families is crucial to building healthy, vibrant communities and avoiding future  issues .

It is widely understood that sustained poverty can have a number of profound and long lasting effects. Cognitively, poverty has been proven to change brain functioning, which shows itself in more illness, and in more school truancy, in students from lower economic backgrounds. Emotional confidence and hope for a better future have profound impact on school performance, and we can see that  students from low income neighbourhoods lack in these areas.

Every parent we encounter passionately desires a better future for their children, but left to themselves, many lack the understanding to bring this about. We are seeing in numerous ways that our involvement is making a significant  difference. We invite you to visits the BBW website to see how we are contributing in the City of Waterloo