Mother's Month

A4C Empowering our Moms

When mothers thrive, communities thrive

“Women speaking up for themselves and for those around them is the strongest force we have to change the world.” – Melinda Gates

Adventure4Change invites you to fundraise for our Mothers.​

Mother’s Month - Empowering our Moms goal is to raise:

Our initial fundraising goal is within reach; increasing this goal to $25,000 will allow us to do exceedingly more for our moms!

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The role mothers play is a calling and a vocation for a lifetime. It is a role that is both selfless and sacrificial, and can go unappreciated and unrecognised.


We invite you to join with us and to help moms thrive.

An old Chinese proverb states, “women hold up half the sky.”  In the world in which A4C functions, it is safe to say that the women hold up at least 80% of the sky!

Without these women, there would be no sky for our youth, no future for the children, and little sense of care or togetherness for the community.

We aim to encourage the mothers in our community; by equipping  them with the necessary skills to thrive, grow in confidence, and to determine their own futures.

Join us and donate today!

The mothers in our community, often with immigrant and refugee backgrounds, have encountered numerous obstacles in their life journey. They have overcome and continue to engage with intense barriers as they navigate the unfamiliar Canadian ways and systems.  While most of them have sacrificed and selflessly expended themselves for their children, they have not been able to care for themselves or take steps to prepare for their futures. In many ways they are being left behind

We are committed to helping them but we need your help! 

We believe it is our responsibility to help them to thrive. They truly are remarkable and inspiring people, but they lack the resources, which is why we are dedicating all of May to the A4C Mothers to fundraise for their wellbeing.

Proceeds will go towards:

Sewing machines & materials

Community space for cooperative

English classes

Computer literacy programming



Skill development

Donate to our Mother's Month Fundraiser!