Ali’s First Job!

First-time occasions are often filled with emotion and anticipation. Their memory can extend for years and years. Arriving from Eritrea with his family only 2 years ago, Sunnydale youth Ali has recently graduated from Grade 8. If that isn’t impressive enough, he has showed amazing initiative and growth since arriving so when the opportunity to gain summer employment in landscaping came around, he jumped in feet first.

Ali’s first time cutting grass and the first time driving a riding mower brought an ear to ear smile. At first, he couldn’t believe his ears when told to get on and start the apparatus. He had never before been entrusted like this. Quickly uncertainty gave way to delight. Up he hopped and that big smile mixed with a bit of fear took over. After brief instructions off he went, and in no time, was a professional! Not only is he learning valuable skills, he is receiving hard earned money and having a blast in his first job ever!

A4C has over 100 youth regularly involved with us, 200 children and many mothers. We love introducing our community members to first time experiences. They can be life changing! First time being a leader at camp, first time canoeing, first time being taken seriously, first job, first time for a mom reading with her child, first time when someone other than a parent really listens and speak words of encouragement.

For many different reasons, our youth can feel stifled and not able to perceive a productive future. Activities and programs, accompanied by encouraging relationships permit our youth to reach out into a bigger world and discover where they can contribute.

First time graduating in Cananda, first time passing math, first time doing a presentation in their newly acquired English language. Success breeds success, accomplishment builds the confidence to pursue new experiences.

We firmly believe that our youth have a phenomenal contribution to make to our world. All they need is a little belief, a little hope, a little confidence and a lot of friendship.  We aim to provide countless more first time experiences.

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