This is Us

Generations of people  building peace, revealing beauty, pursuing justice and living compassion.


Each generation stands on the shoulders of the preceding generation. Short-sighted thinking refuses to recognize that the decisions we make today will impact not only our immediate future, but also the generations that will follow on. The transformational change we all yearn for must give careful consideration to the impact of our decisions on future generations. Actions that might cause harm must be resisted, no matter how tantalizing they may seem in the now; if their impact will be have negative implication on the generations to come. We will be required today to make sacrifices if the next generation is to be strong. That’s always been a simple fact of the human experience. Our generation must do all it is able to secure the future for the one soon to follow.


A strong society begins and ends with the people. Each person possesses infinitesimal worth and value. Each person, no matter their station in life must be understood and treated as one possessing great importance and value. Life is a sacred matter.  A strong society treasures its people and sees in them the potential for world change. Each person equipped with the proper understanding and tools will contribute in numeral ways to the betterment of life for all.


Many suffer from trouble and conflict. All desire a lasting and permanent peace along with the  absence of fear. A4C seeks to promote constructive peace as we assist people to build resilience,  experience robust relationships and community, and gain momentum towards a vibrant life.


Beauty surrounds us;  from a simple smile, to the grandeur of nature, to the wonder of friendship, to the glory of community. Beauty truly is everywhere. Seeking to uncover and see the beauty that exists deeply guides and influences our every action. Confucius said: “everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” Learning to cherish beauty renders everything sacred and valuable.


Promoting justice is an integral part of community building. Many of our families find themselves in grossly unfair situations. The growing disparity between those who have and those who have not is a serious concern.  We applaud those who have worked hard to earn their place, our concern is with those who find themselves being left behind, exploited, forgotten, and marginalised.


The hallmark of a healthy society is in the way it expresses it’s care for every member, particularly for how it embraces its children and youth, it’s less fortunate and those who represent minorities. A strong society is inclusive, compassionate and generous. A4C seeks to help people develop the capacity and understanding required to practice genuine compassion.