Our Staff

Jeremy is passionate about change and seeing the lives of people improved. After working in the fields of psychiatry and corrections he felt that his talents lent themselves to solving issues long before they became big problems.  Thus, a lifetime focused on prevention. Prevention requires a practical focus on three areas; the systems that sustain the issues, the community and the individual. Real sustainable change requires keeping all three in sharp focus.

He believes that change must start right where we do life. He lives with his wife Mary, a public health nurse, in Waterloo, Canada and together they engage their local community. Their vision is that the change they help establish there will in time, ripple out into nearby communities and eventually into other regions and countries. He welcomes enquiries and is open to consulting with anyone who seeks to invest in social change.

Contact Jeremy at jeremy@adventure4change.org

Jeremy Horne, MSW


Heather Powers​, MSW, RSW

Community Engagement

Heather possesses a big vision! It is always an engaging conversation when talking with Heather about how to introduce change for people, but Heather is far more about action than talk and will give herself tirelessly to addressing the needs of people. She quickly endears herself to those she is with, engendering a deep respect. Her sharp mind and willingness to put the needs of others before her own interests means that people readily follow her leadership.

Like so many people who lead with A4C, Heather’s truly distinguishing feature is that she loves people and has the knack for seeing beyond the surface, to the heart. She is always seeing the best and helping bring that to the surface. Heather’s responsibilities include leading our commitment to community and family engagement, participating on the development team and being available to consult on leader development and international development initiatives.

Contact Heather at heatherp@adventure4change.org

Every movement needs at least one Scilla!  A graduate of the University of Waterloo Kinesiology, Scilla brings an energy and charisma to the scene. Whether she is directing youth in programs, conducting a dance workshop, or leading children on a run around the gym, Scilla does it with a spirit that is truly contagious. People enjoy being with Scilla because she enjoys being with people. Her delight is expressed in a readily present laugh, the warm embrace she extends to each who enter, and her willingness to sit for hours listening to another story.

In her current A4C  role she leads a team in directing all of the children’s programs for Better Beginnings Waterloo, coordinates a team that directs programs for youth and plays an integral role on the A4C leadership team.

Contact Scilla at scilla@adventure4change.org

Scilla Owusu-Amoah​

Children and Youth Program Coordinator

Naheed Bibi

Program Facilitator

It is abundantly clear that Naheed’s great joy in life comes from her 4 children, and Better Beginnings Waterloo is happy to be her second or even third joy.

Naheed’s positive outlook and insightful mind means that her contribution is greatly valued. Naheed brings her experience and skill to child care, program coordination and team discussions. Parents and children alike feel welcomed and secure when Naheed is present.

Contact Naheed at naheedb@adventure4change.org

Nazmi El-Kawash

Program Facilitator

Nazmi has been an active member of our North Waterloo community since she and her family settled here four years ago.

During the last three years, her career has developed from a volunteer and child care provider to a program facilitator for children and parents.

Along with her colleagues in Adventure4Change, Nazmi brings here positive and buoyant spirit to help organize and lead an array of dynamic programs.

Contact Nazmi at nazmie@adventure4change.org

Josh Brown

Program Facilitator


Contact Josh at joshb@adventure4change.org